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    El Juego, como propuesta para el Desarrollo de Habilidades (Cognitivas, Comunicativas y Kinestésicas) en grado primero
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Galindo Ibañez, Johanna Andrea; Torres Castro, María Alejandra; Olmos Sanabria, Andrea del Pilar
    In the present research work is to show the importance of the game in the development of skills (cognitive, communicative and kinesthetic), in the district school Charly, with the first grade students, in which a proposal is generated that consists of a series of activities that aim to strengthen cognitive, communicative and and kinesthetic in boys and girls through play, taking into account that its focus is qualitative in order to identify the reality of the educational context from a perspective of investigation action. At first, a referential framework was proposed in which some international, national and local investigative aspects in order to have an orientation general in terms of the importance of the game and how through it you can work the different skills during the training of boys and girls. Also taken into account was conceptual theoretical framework where different categories of the game and main authors are covered who talk about the importance of such activity and how the game can be worked on different ages, thus responding to the objectives of the project.
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    Instrumentos lúdico pedagógicos para reforzar las habilidades sensoriales de la lectura y escritura en niños y niñas
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Muñoz González, Saray Daniela; Sánchez Castañeda, Karen Yiseth; Martinez Rodriguez, Luis Alejandro
    This study is based on the conviction that through the development of sensory skills is allowed to guide children in the process of literacy since any reading or word that is write ,no matter how simple it is, it is based on complex processes in the brain, because of this it is important to encourage activities where the child can acquire the creative capacity that allows him to achieve skills for reading and writing, therefore this project aims to strengthen sensory skills to enable the onset of language oral and written through activities where ludic-pedagogical tools interfere.
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    Estrategias para los maestros frente al bullying con niñas y niños de 10 a 14 años
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Londoño Tapiero, Paula Valentina; Arenas Linares, Karen Tatiana; García Orjuela, Erly Mercedes
    he investigative process begins at the very moment in which man questions a reality, its context, and these questions generate ideas, which are later configured in research ideas. The questions do not arise out of nowhere, they are present to the extent in which man knows, but said knowledge is not considered finished and unique, it is questioned, it criticizes and reflects; Thus, the researcher begins to train at the moment in which Question what you know.
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    Aprendiendo por medio de cuentos infantiles, las figuras básicas de la geometría en el grado preescolar del Instituto Leonard Euler
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Varela Menco, Kelly Dayana; Diosa García, Jhon Alejandro
    This research project arose from a problem observed in the development of teaching and learning of basic geometric figures in the preschool grade at the Leonard Euler Institute, for which the entire group of students in this grade was invited, but in the end only one student could be involved. Thus, as a starting point, a question was asked to determine the influence of children’s stories as a didactic resource in the learning of basic geometric figures, for which a research approach aimed at a case study method was proposed. Strategies are designed for the intervention in seven class sessions where students from different playful activities demonstrate the acquisition of knowledge within the relationship that is made in the session of geometric figures worked with literature childish. The analysis of the results was made from the participant observation, as well as field journals that allowed to describe in an organized and detailed way each session. Whose intervention was made from the qualitative approach. And the results of the research were generated with the development of the implementation of the proposal and are presented in the work in the part of analysis and results, and in the conclusions
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    La educación emocional en la formación de profesionales de educación infantil y educación especial de la fundación universitaria los libertadores
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Mayorga Montoya, Jesica Lorena; Páez Forero, Paola Angélica; Gómez Romero, Ana Dolores
    The purpose of this research is to present a series of guidelines the which are aimed at professionals in training of degrees in early childhood education and special education of the Los Libertadores University Foundation, based on this, it is studied a series of antecedents of international, national and local level that make known the main characteristics of emotional education in teachers who practice pedagogy. In this way, references are known that give the guidelines once the emotional education at the educational level, taking into account that it is important to teach the main values ​​of emotional education in the classroom, since young people will be able to interpret their feelings and emotions in a different way as well as learning educational will be meaningful to your developmental process.