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    Sistema de planificación del trabajo docente para la fundación universitaria los libertadores - Workplan
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Oyuela Rodríguez, Christopher Mateo; Vargas Mora, Oscar Eduardo; Pardo Bello, Gerardo
    This degree work is a requirement to obtain the degree of Systems Engineer at the Los Libertadores University Foundation, it is carried out based on the problems encountered, with the purpose of implementing a logical and sufficient mechanism that satisfies the needs of the university in Regarding the assignment of work plans to teaching staff, automating the process for data capture, documents and generation of reports where the work of teachers is verified. In the project, a computerized information system is developed to manage the academic control of the professor at the Los Libertadores University Foundation, facilitating the monitoring of their work and the search for information in the shortest possible time. The application is implemented in a web hosting, and uses the technological tools: Visual studio C#, Entity Framework Web Server, SQL Server database and Report Designer.The objective of the program is to organize the documentary information of the teaching work plans in a database; which can be accessed by users with different types of roles, with different permissions and functions to enter, consult and modify the records of the various modules. This document relates each of the phases of analysis, development and implementation together with the conclusions of the application of the system.
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    Aplicación Web para el Control y Gestión de Inventario de Mercancías y Herramientas en SOLINCORP SAS - SINVESOL
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Vivas Riaño, Mary Luz; Rodríguez Alonso, Valeryn Dayana; Barbosa Moreno, Kevin Leonardo; Ángel Moreno, Augusto José
    The project proposes to generate a structured software for its implementation in the company Solincorp S.A.S., which lacks an application that allows them to generate and automate their inventory control reports, for this reason the realization and implementation of this software is proposed to facilitate the company the processes that are currently being carried out in a not so efficient way and that generates a cost and time when developing said processes.
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    Videojuego que incluye estrategias lúdicas para facilitar el aprendizaje de temas relacionados con álgebra básica para estudiantes de grados octavo y noveno (Ragnar)
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Espejo Julio, Oscar Javier; Vargas Rey, Andrés Felipe; Medina Velandia, Lucy Nohemi
    Mathematics has always been within our society without realizing it, but every day there is more disinterest and fear of them, this can be evidenced in the tests that are carried out after finishing high school training. Also, in the university courses with the highest demand in Colombian society, they are usually far from calculus and for this reason many people consider engineering courses difficult, since when they learn subjects such as physics or advanced mathematics, they find it difficult due to the lack of knowledge and poorly achieved foundations that were acquired at school. Algebra is one of the main bases for advanced mathematics, from this level, the student begins to lose interest and see it as something little necessary. To generate this interest, a dynamic was developed that revolves around a video game, where, based under a narrative load, this don't be difficult to learn and generates a satisfactory challenge that, when completing this trial, complements the learning that is acquired in the game classroom. The population chosen for the video game test were the students who were in the eighth or ninth grade courses and the San Pedro Claver Parochial School in the town of Fontibon was taken as a sample, with approximately 30 students per course. As a result, the objectives were met, generating quite a lot of interest, demonstrating that video games as a recreational medium can help in subjects that may be boring or of low interest to students, motivating competition, curiosity and even work in equipment.
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    Sistema FULLMICROSITE para gestionar la información de la Catedra ciudadanía global y derechos humanos entre las universidades: Simón Bolívar de Barranquilla, la UNESP (Universidad Estadual de Sao Pablo) y la Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Soto Rotavista, Camilo Andres; Castro Montaña, Jhonn Edgar
    Today's world needs to have much faster access to information, global communication is the strategy that should be used for multicultural exchange, that is why the process carried out by the Fundación Universitaria los Libertadores with the Global Citizenship Chair and Human rights allows linking cultures of 3 countries in a virtual connection. Every software development project carries with it a methodology, which makes the elaboration flow orderly and allows to understand the state of the project from beginning to end, the agile methodology used to carry out the current project is SCRUM, where it will be possible to identify the different work cycles divided into sprints, their schedule and each of the technical specifications necessary for the execution of the project. The digital information review process allows users to access more information in less time, and make quick and accurate decisions as to whether or not to be part of the catera program. Within the creation process, the need for the application to be in multiple languages ​​and for the end user to be able to select which one they want to see the information in was evaluated. If the user is interested in obtaining more information and even subscribing to the chair and joining, they can fill out the contact form that will send an email to the managers or managers of the program for their respective subsequent contact and completion of the registration.
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    Infraestructura de red para sistemas de identificación de códigos de barras en almacenes corona s.a.s.
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Ocampo Cuervo, Daniel Alejandro; Ángel, Augusto
    The crucial challenge facing organizations is staying current in a dynamic market, to achieve this it is necessary that they be adaptable and flexible to the constant changes in the environment. This is why, where the technologies of the communication and information play an essential role in the development sustainability of companies, because they allow us to streamline procedures, avoid reprocesses, minimize costs and therefore maximize profits. organizational profits. Almacenes Corona S.A.S. is an organization with a strong position national and international level, demonstrated in its 133 years of experience, being a leader in the construction and remodeling sector in Colombia and a solid competitor in other countries. Due to this, it has shown the need to improve the way processes are executed in the logistics area, For this, the organizational project is in development studies. entitled "logistics technification" 1 , with the aim of transforming the schemes execution of procedures, leaving behind the use of manual processes, to give way to the use of technological tools that allow a increase in the agility of each logistics process and greater reliability of the information obtained. This document contextualizes the implementation of the infrastructure network for the barcode identification system, which will allow greater efficiency in the logistics processes of reception, storage, inventories, distribution, delivery and returns of goods