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    Analisis metalografico de probetas obtenidas a partir de un proceso de manufactura aditiva por soldadura por arco (WAAM)
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Ramírez Martínez, Omar Felipe; Corrales Rojas, William Yesid; Gutiérrez Bernal, Jesús Manuel; Hincapié Campos, Williams Steve (Codirector)
    The following document presents a metallographic analysis of several strands of two specimens obtained by wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) for Foundation University the Liberators. The samples obtained by this process were subjected to a preparation process under the standard practice for the preparation, cleaning, and evaluation of corrosion test specimens (ASTM G1), after which the specimens were left with a gloss-mirror finish with the help of a cloth of fine fibers, then, a chemical attack was performed with 3% Nital to reveal its metallographic structure. As a result of the chemical attack, a structural recognition was made using a metallographic microscope (Olympus GX41) which provided us with great information when studying each weld bead, allowing us to identify its metallographic structure in each of the trajectories of the weld bead; Finally, a micro hardness test was carried out using the Future-Tech FM-700 micro hardness tester with a load of 100G with a result in Vickers (HV) in each of the beads, and thus being able to find the differences in microstructure and hardness between each weld bead, which will be shown in the following tables.
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    Implementación de la gestión de activos para una caldera pirotubular
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) López Sierra, Brayan Steven; Pachón Pachón, Jesús Robinson; Jaramillo, Leonardo Fabio; Hincapié Campos, Williams Steve
    In this project, asset management was implemented specifying the plan of maintenance for the 6 BHP Firetube boiler "Tecnik", located in the thermal sciences laboratory of the Los Libertadores University Foundation. This was achieved based on the ISO 55000 standard and the manuals of operation of the equipment delivered by the manufacturer. This maintenance plan will be focused towards the electromechanical components including the board general electrical, the water supply pump and the ignition burner. TO Then, the survey of technical information and plates was carried out characteristics of the boiler as well as the auxiliary equipment; The plan of maintenance began with the drafting of the POE (operating procedure standard) and the set-up of the asset. Finally, the verification of the water and steam conduction pipe in order to carry out a diagnosis of the operation status.
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    Manual para el proceso operativo de la máquina universal de ensayos galdabini 10 y caracterización de probetas para pruebas de tracción
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Contreras León, Cristian Camilo; Ávila Reyes, Edison Javier; Rolón Ríos, Juan Eduardo
    The objective of this work is to optimize the operating process of the Galdabini 10 universal testing machine for the tensile tests at the Los Libertadores University Foundation. The work consists of eight parts. In the first one is the theoretical framework where a large part of the generalities of the tensile test are found. The second part of this work shows the universal testing machine owned by the Los Libertadores University Foundation. In the third part, there are the specimens that were made and that are in accordance with the standards ASTM D638, ASTM E8 and ASTM B557; plans and manufacturing codes of the specimens for the computerized numerical control center (milling machine) of the university. In the fourth part there is the characterization of the plastic and metal specimens where the behavior of these in the tests is observed. In the fifth part is the operating manual where, through a step by step, it allows any user to perform a tensile test on the Galdabini universal machine In the sixth part is the financial analysis where the unit value of each test tube. In the last two chapters it has the conclusions and recommendations.
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    Desarrollo de un simulador de manufactura aditiva por soldadura por arco (WAAM) para el centro de mecanizado Leadwell V20i de la Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Poveda Castillo, Yeimy Caterine; García Zaragoza, Ubaldo; Gutiérrez Bernal, Jesús Manuel
    Additive manufacturing, for its ability to create three-dimensional parts, providing flexibility, structural integrity and geometric resolution, similar to other conventional manufacturing processes; is positioned among a list of 15 disruptive technologies that achieve relevant change and disrupts the way industries, businesses and consumers operate. This document presents the development of an additive arc welding manufacturing simulator (WAAM) for the Leadwell V20i machining center of the Los Libertadores University Foundation with the help of SprutCAM software. The objective is to strengthen capacities in terms of research, laboratory equipment, and personnel training, providing the students of the institution the possibility of generating autonomy in the manufacture of metal components. Using the methodological approach used, the theoretical parameters on the state of the art of additive manufacturing in specific with arc welding were initially reviewed, allowing a positive approach to the implementation of this technology. The main contributions of the research are framed in the integration of a Lincoln SPEEDTECCC 200C welding equipment to the Leadwell V20i machining center to generate a dual purpose machine which are: subtractive and additive technique, as well as the development of a simulator with the desired parameters that allows to have a preview to the print, resulting in the development of a working methodology that allows the automatic manufacture of parts through the WAAM process and finally an approach to the process from the perspective of non-destructive testing.
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    Comparación de estructuras para bloques de construcción elaborados en plástico reciclado
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Guerrero Moreno, Yuri; Miranda Minota, Daniel Giovanny; Felipe Aguillón, Andrés; Villalba Vidales, Jorge Armando
    This research seeks to make a comparison, using 3D models and simulations of mechanical load on blocks with bio-inspired structures, which will later be used for the construction of low-cost housing. Each block will be made of recycled plastic and will seek to make the manufacturing process more efficient, simple, replicable and scalable, maximizing the use of materials, preserving the strength and mechanical properties without considering the thermal variables that affect the structure. In addition, the objective is to find improvements in terms of element deformation, safety factor, volume and mass reduction, compared to a solid block.