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    Consumo de fast fashion como influencia emocional en mujeres jóvenes de Kennedy desde pandemia.
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Celis Cardenas, Laura Valentina; Martínez Carreño, Valentina; Roa Wilches, Karen
    In Colombia, a significant increase in the acquisition of clothing has been observed since 2020 compared to years before the pandemic, according to the Diario La República, where they state that fashion consumption in the country reached $27.7 billion in 2021. , 21% more than in 2020 and 5% more than in 2019. Clothing sales increased significantly compared to the previous year, and now shopping is also considered a “therapeutic factor.” since they generate feelings of self-care, reward, distraction, relief, social connection and help overcome negative emotions. This has led to more compulsive and impulsive behavior in women and this pattern of consumption has a significant impact on the environment. The mass production of fast fashion garments requires a considerable amount of natural resources, such as water, energy and chemicals. Additionally, many of these garments are made from synthetic petroleum-derived materials, such as polyester, which has a negative impact on the environment during their production and release of microplastics into the oceans when washed. Additionally, accelerated production generates a large amount of waste and greenhouse gas emissions.
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    Narrativas Trasmediales en el Marketing Digital del K-pop: influencia en la Generación Z de Bogotá.
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Mendieta Amador, Daniela Valentina; Cárdenas, Ricardo
    This investigation investigated the articulation between the South Korean government and powerful companies in the music industry to excel globally after different unfortunate events that occurred in South Korea. Starting from this point, the investigation delved into the Korean pop industry known worldwide as K-pop, analyzing its promotion strategies in terms of digital marketing and the use of transmedia within them. These analyzes correspond to the year 2021, taking into account the time and the health situation that the world had recently gone through, in turn, focused on a target audience which is Generation Z, and who, due to their direct exposure to social networks and the internet, favorable findings were obtained for different fields within the economy and cultural development of the Colombian capital.
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    Los cuentos que nos echan las marcas: desarrollo de narrativas transmedia desde el caso de influencer colombiano Juanda Bogotá Colombia 2022
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Ardila Beleño, Karen Lorena; Téllez Morales, German Dilvaldo; Cardenas Cabezas, Ricardo Yezid
    Brands are present in the daily lives of human beings, constantly influencing the development and decisions they make. For a long time, brands have had ambassadors for their image, from characters such as the cowboy for Marlboro cigarettes, Mickey Mouse for Disney, to the use of celebrities or iconic figures, which give brands recognition. In the current paradigm and With the new technological implications, we have the influencers, who, according to the current definitions of the Spanish language, are people of influence that stand out in a social network or other communication channel and express opinions on a specific topic, people who exert a great influence on many people who know him. Therefore, this research seeks to distinguish the way in which transmedia narratives are used to generate engagement, taking Colombian influencer JuanDa as a case study. Identifying the most common types of narratives in digital content , clarifying that it is a narrative, transmedia, and engagement, in order to show the strategies used by this influencer. encer, and how they manage to influence and enter into the imaginary of their consumers, to generate an approach or conjecture on whether this will continue to be the way to attract and capture the public's attention organically and emotionally, in the Bogotá audience.
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    Formulación de un plan de negocios para la puesta en marcha de la agencia de marketing y comunicacion addvisory
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) González Chavarro, Eduar Alexander; Reina Orozco, Cristian Camilo; Doncel Moreno, Mariano
    SMEs are Small and Medium Enterprises, with a not very large number of workers, with an average billing budget. In the vast majority of world economies, these business options become so important that they are considered a fundamental axis for the economic development of various countries, since in many cases, they are the companies that generate the most employment within a nation. To try to establish a general vision with respect to SMEs, the European Union has defined them as "companies that employ at least 250 workers (including plant personnel and external personnel that can be subcontracted) and that have a balance sheet less than 43 million euros”. The activity of this type of company covers a large part of the economic scenarios such as: commerce, industry, services, restaurant and hotel businesses, agriculture and even financial activities and of course a sector to little by little it is gaining strength for this segment are the exporters, most of which at some point were small or medium-sized companies, owned by a single person or a family group
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    Manifestaciones del marketing presentes en la cadena de valor del huevo en el municipio de Chochí
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Pinzón López, Alvaro; Becerra, Carlos Andrés
    The marketing management within the egg value chain reflects as a sector may have special features embedded within its structure that contribute to sustaining and the competition between them, revealing as within the typified scenario of a regional market the business operates, being an important contribution to local economies through processes supply and merchandising carry the product to consumers; in said product catchment processes intervening various commercial entities involved in a dynamic of operation own business showing the intervention of practices and events make it look an advantage and merchant value. Seems that the eggs was a product commodity as any, however, its represents within the industry and growing high participation being an important player within the household consumption, leaving aside some substitutes and competing not only with more eggs but with other products for a place in the decisions and consumer choices. Choachí moreover, as commercial and regional market territory represents a space trading and consumption of eggs characteristic may relate to management of an activity, that originates within an empirical atmosphere in which an micro-industrial trend is forget a generation of value through deep knowledge of business, the environment and competition, from a food product that is part of the town’s economy well as those who work is a knowledge concerning for the understanding of a marketing away from the big brands, communication processes, and strategies in large and modern distribution channels. It´s a different way to understand marketing processes and chains immersed in traditional or popular consumption no pretensions to be perceived as high gamma business recognized or higher diffusion premium products in large social spheres.