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    Estudio de factibilidad para empresa dedicada a la comercialización virtual de servicios para la organización de eventos - creativity event on-line
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Almanza Romero, Leidy Dayyana; Molina Ramirez, Johana Carolina; Prada Rivera, Winny Karina; Chaves López, Ángela Marcela
    Given that information and communication technologies are the tool essential to make businesses competitive and that the service sector for social events is a market of great growth demand and it is intended with this feasibility study, to test that the implementation of a business based on the creation of a software that facilitates the communication between the commercial advisor of the companies dedicated to the creation of events and their customers through a 3d platform, said software contains specific information about the inventory and the different possibilities of the companies when offering the services that the client intends to hire, in this way the service company and the client will have the security of requirements are the characteristics and minimum aspects of the contracted product. It is important to highlight that the inclusion of technologies in nascent businesses improves the transmission of information as evidenced by the following text called the ("five advantages of technology in companies,” 2014), which states: Currently, the opening of many companies to the digital world has caused a change drastic in the way of managing these companies as well as in their way of relating to the clients. Therefore, companies have the need to apply innovations technologies that allow you to improve your business model in a market that is increasingly more competitive.
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    Plan de negocios para el desarrollo del portal web 2.0, canal de información de turismo en Bogotá
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Gonzáles Piñeros, Luis Orlando; Duarte Gómez, Raul Alberto
    Currently two subsectors of the Colombian industry; Tourism and Technology, both important factors in the growth of the country, are rigorously seeking to work with more dynamism. Therefore, the idea of ​​a project that centralizes tourist information was conceived. through an avant-garde virtual platform (web2.0 page), a tool that will provide data general and specific to the city of Bogotá as well as the tourism sector, a web portal to service of the potential traveler or tourist who wishes to request all that information pertinent to the time to plan and make a trip. This idea will help users (tourists) to provide comprehensive and pertinent advice before and during the trip or trips they undertake. Said platform will provide the Client (tourist service provider) and the user with a module portal access; where you can easily interact with it. In this, the Client (Provider of tourist service) will be able to publish their offers and data of the service, and the user (Tourist) will be able to inquire on said information and in turn qualify its quality. All this, in order to increase the use of information technologies by travelers and the same service providers services. Finally, with a preliminary study of the micro and macro environment, the necessary investment was considered. for the project for a value of ($ 9,687,000). Similarly, it was found that the internal rate of profitability with a prospective for the next five (5) was 56% and its period of recovery is 2 years ten months and 10 days. Similarly, it was determined that the result of the net present value is ($192,913,971), equivalent to the cash flow less the initial value of the Project
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    Estudio de factibilidad para empresa de experiencias turísticas a la medida que ofrezca servicios inmersión en las costumbres culturales locales – A pie viajamos
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Santamaría Daza, Andrés; 2017
    The purpose of this project is to prepare a feasibility study for the idea of business that proposes to provide tourist services tailored to its clients and that offers the tourist cultural knowledge through immersion. This study was conducted based on data obtained through sources relevant literature on tourism issues, validation of the different hypotheses and assumptions about the business model, as well as surveys and the implementation of said company that is currently constituted and in operation. Tour Operators "On foot we travel", born from the lack of tour guides who speak more than one language and the lack of new services designed for segments of travelers who want a specialized tour of the country. Because of this, the problems converge in the creation of a company that adapts to changes in tourism and the customer by offering a variety of products and/or services. For this, the situation in Colombia was also analyzed with respect to different problems that the country has to receive tourists from anywhere in the world, among them the lack of command of the English language among ordinary people, students and tourism professionals. The most recent study of the English Aptitude Index by the international education first, ranks our country in position #57 out of 70 countries evaluated. (EF-EPI 2015). With a very low level of English occupying the penultimate position in the region surpassed only by Venezuela and Salvador, and which also shows clearly the failure of national programs such as Colombia bilingual 2014 - 2018 and Colombia very well, among others, thus showing the importance of professionals of tourism are trained and offer services and/or products in a second language with quality to contribute to the development and improvement of the different economic sectors, attract new investors and promote tourism in our country, concluding that in the global trend if there is a clear relationship between the level of English in a country and its economic growth
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    Plan de empresa en la opción de grado en creación de empresas
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Gómez Martínez, Merly Lorena; Contreras Rueda, Jessica Paola; Silva Barrera, Claudia Lucia
    The business model to be presented is aimed at creating a restaurant with Mexican atmosphere and Tex-Mex food called "Mr. Cely restaurant Peppers”, where the ideal is to have a familiar and friendly environment, the approach to achieve this is the decoration and/or setting of the place. In addition to this, it is intended to add to the menu appetizers to share with the family, typical Mexican main dishes, sauces and side dishes with different levels of spice and desserts. In addition to this, it is intended to open spaces to celebrate all kinds of events, with an advance reservation. The restaurant is planned as a location in the Modelia neighborhood of the City of Bogotá, due to its busy nightlife, which will have an installed capacity of 68.14 plates as production potential or maximum dishes sold.
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    Agroturismo como alternativa económica en el municipio de Guachetá, Cundinamarca.
    (Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. Sede Bogotá., ) Rodriguez Cortes, Wendy Johana; Cote Daza, Sandra Patricia
    Guachetá has a high tourism and agrotourism potential, since 70% of the attractions identified in the tourist inventory carried out are suitable to be linked to any activity related to agrotourism, from events such as agro-industrial festivities, elaborations crafts, typical gastronomy, customs and the most important, lands, territories and resources, not only cultural but also natural. Despite this, it was possible to highlight aspects negatives such as lack of promotion, low investment, abandonment of attractions, tourist signage non-existent and, above all, access roads in precarious conditions.