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dc.creatorCarrillo, Víctor Manuel
dc.creatorLeón Agaton, Adolfo
dc.creatorCarreño Sayago, Uriel Fernando
dc.description.abstractColombia is in a major backlog of alternative energy production. An interesting option is the production of biofuels with biomass of Eichhornia crassipes. This plant is abundant in rivers, wetlands and other aquatic ecosystems and generates problems in ecological equilibria. In the current research, the parameters of a bioethanol production system with this biomass were designed, modeled and adjusted to find the best parameters when building bioethanol production with this plant. Taking into account the designs, it is concluded that this bioethanol production system has a minimum cost in its assembly compared to other similar systems. The ethanol’s production time is made in 2 days including the hydrolysis as well as the fermentation, and it would produce for each 500 gr of dry biomass 100 ml of bioethanol, represented in the production of Sacharomyces, finding that scenario 3 is the most ideal at the time of the
dc.publisherInternational Journal of Applied Engineering Researchspa
dc.titleDiseño, Modelado y Ajuste de los Parámetros de un Bioetanol Sistema de producción con biomasa de Eichhornia Crassipesspa

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